Everything you need to know about lash extensions

Everything About Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions. Is this something that you are considering, but too afraid to try? It looks so beautiful on other women, but you don’t know if this is something that you want to try.

This is normally women that don’t have all the information about eyelash extensions that are afraid to try it. However, once you have all the information and you tried it once, you will never go without it again. But, first, you need to know as much about it as possible. We have all the relevant information you need so that you can decide if this is something you want to try or not.

What are eyelash extensions

First of all, what are lash extensions? These are specially designed lashes that are applied to your eyelashes with a thin layer of eyelash extension glue which is suitable for even the most sensitive eyes. To make your lashes longer or thicker. Not everyone is born with thick, long, and curly lashes.

It’s basically semi-permanent lashes that are getting hand-glued on your normal lashes. It is normally getting done in a beauty salon by a professional. It can take up to 90 minutes for your first session, but thereafter it will be just a touch-up and it won’t take as long. The only thing that is important to know about these extensions is that you need to take care of them correctly so that they can last.

Going to a salon or DIY?

A question that you might ask now is if you should go to a salon or buy those DIY lashes and doing it at home. If you are considering the DIY kits, then you aren’t going to get lash extensions, but just get the fake extensions that aren’t lasting a couple of days. And, you might make a huge mistake and get glue in your eyes or on your eyelids.

Going to a Beauty salon Rustenburg is highly recommended. Not only is this saver, but you will actually get the real deal. Extensions instead of just fake lashes that are glued on. It will be done correctly, without any danger of getting glue in dangerous places. You need to remember that your eyes are delicate and you can’t just add anything to your eyelids without thinking that there will be consequences.

How long do these extensions normally last?

If you are going to a beauty salon for getting lash extensions, it might not cost you as much money as you might think. How long will these lashes then last? Will it give you value for money, or will it just last a couple of days?

How long it will last depend on you and how you take care of it. Normally after two to three weeks, you might want to go for a refill. It is cheaper than the first session where you are getting your first set of lash extensions. If you are getting these refills, your lashes will last for months. Some salons are saying that their clients need to return every four weeks for a refill. To ensure that their lashes last and that two to three weeks of refilling isn’t necessary. So, talk to your salon before you return for your refill.

Pros and cons of the extensions

You might be still wondering if eyelash extensions are something that you should consider. The moment that you know the pros and cons of getting and caring for these extensions, you will make your final decision a lot easier. These are the pros and cons that you need to know about.

Pros for getting the extensions:

  • It will always look fabulous. The extensions are making a huge difference in your overall appearance, and you can get a dramatic look easily.

  • You don’t need to worry that everyone will see the glue that you put on wrong with the DIY fake lashes. It will look natural.

  • It will last for weeks if you are taking good care of your lashes.

  • You can choose how long and thick you want your new lashes to be.

Cons of getting the lash extensions:

  • This isn’t a cheap procedure and you will need refills on a regular basis to keep your eyelashes looking fresh.

  • You will need to use specific makeup and especially makeup remover, that doesn’t contain any oil otherwise the lashes won’t last as long

  • It’s high maintenance to keep your lashes in mint condition.

Before you are going for your first appointment

Before you are going to your first appointment to get your new lash extensions, there are a couple of things that you need to know. You need to find a beauty salon Rustenburg that has the right experience in eyelash extensions.

You need to research the salon and the professional that is going to do your lashes for you carefully. You don’t want to use someone that doesn’t have the experience to glue the lashes without making mistakes. Reading reviews about the salon is a good idea.

You should also make sure that you choose the look that you want. How long should the eyelashes be, and how thick you want them to be at the end of the day? This is important because it will be the first question that the salon will ask you when you are arriving for your appointment.

And, you need to understand the risks. This is minimal, but there might be some risks when you are getting your eyelash extensions. You might have an allergic reaction or gets some infected follicles over time if you aren’t following the correct aftercare advice given by the qualified lash extensionist.

The makeup you can use when you have the extensions

The last thing that you need to know when you are getting your lash extensions is that you can’t just use your old, cheap makeup anymore. Especially around your eyes. This can cause the glue to come loose and the lashes to fall out. It's important to speak to a professional about the makeup and skincare products that you can use.

Now, you know that going to a beauty salon Rustenburg for getting eyelash extensions isn’t a bad idea. In fact, it is a much better idea to get extensions than to do the DIY kits at home. Many women are getting their new lashes and that is going back for their refills, month after month. They will never go without their extensions. And, if you have tried it once, you also might love your new look with thicker, longer eyelashes.