Eyelash Extensions: Everything about caring for your lashes

Eyelash Extensions: Everything about caring for your lashes

You are going to a beauty salon in Rustenburg for getting your lash extensions. You are really excited and can’t wait to have longer and thicker lashes.

But before you are off to the salon, you need to remember something. That there are some important caring instructions and tips that you need to know. This is the only way to make sure that your lashes are going to last long, and that they will stay beautiful. You can’t just go on normally with your normal routine, after your salon appointment. These are everything about caring for your new lashes.

Reasons why you should take care of your lash extensions

There are three main reasons why you should take proper care of your eyelash extensions. The first one is the obvious reason. This is to make sure that your new volume eyelashes are lasting as long as possible. To ensure that you can enjoy your lashes for longer.

The second reason is for the overall health of your natural lashes. If you don’t take off your extensions correctly, you will compromise the growth of your natural lashes. You can have some itching, rashes, and even some infections in the follicles when you don’t take correct care of your lash extensions.

The third reason is so that you can get value for money. When you are taking care of your eyelash extensions correctly, the extensions will not fall out as easily. And, you will not need to get your extensions refilled as often as other people. Meaning that you will save money at the end of the day.

Use a lash cleaner to clean your extensions, not a normal cleanser on your eyes

Everyone with lash extensions and professionals will say to you that you should avoid using too much water on your eyes. And, you should not use any products that are oil-based around your eyes. If you are looking at all the skincare products, you will realize that it might be harder than you thought.

However, there is a lash cleaner designed for lash extensions. That you can use to clean around your eyes, without making use of your normal cleanser. This will make sure that your eyes are clean, but without using water too often and without struggling to find oil-free cleansers.

Limit the use of mascara. The more you use it, the faster you will need to refill your lashes

Because you have now thicker and longer lashes, you don’t actually need to use mascara. But, if you still want to use it, you can with some tips to remember.

The less mascara you are using the better. And, if you need to use mascara you should not make use of waterproofed mascara. You should just use water-based mascara that is easy to remove before bedtime. The harder the mascara is to remove, the easier your extensions will get damaged.

Limit the number of times you are touching your lashes

We all know that when something is new, we always just want to touch it. Make sure that it is still there and in perfect condition. However, you need to remember that lash extensions are really fine hair that is glued to your eyelashes.

The more you touch it, especially during the first 24 to 48 hours, the better the chance that you might damage the lashes. You should really limit the number of times you are touching your lashes. And, you need to make sure that if you touch it, that you are gentle and working softly with your lashes. Asif it can break easily.

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Don’t use a lash curler on your lash extensions

Many new lash extension users are tempted to make use of a lash curler. To curl your new thick lashes to make it even look more beautiful. However, this is never a good idea. The lash curler is pulling on the lashes. And, it will increase the possibility that it will pull out the lashes from your natural eyelashes.

This will cause discomfort and damage to the extensions. This is why you need to make sure that you are going to put the lash curler away. Where you won’t see it while you have extensions.

Remember to check your makeup remover and cleansers if they contain oil

We can’t say this enough. You need to check all the facial products like the makeup remover, cleansers, and makeup if it contains oil as an ingredient.

Oil is making the glue that holds your extensions in place lose. Meaning that you will lose your extensions a lot easier and faster if you are using oil-based skin products on your face. Read the ingredients on the package carefully for oil as an ingredient before you make your final choice of buying the product.


If you are unsure about caring for your classic lash extensions, you should talk to a professional

When you have read these caring instructions and you are still worried about your lash extensions, there is still one thing you can do. You should go to the beauty salon in Rustenburg and talk to a professional. Ask for advice and talk to them about the thing that is bothering you.

Those that are getting classic lash extensions for the first time are normally worried about the dos and don’ts about caring for eyelash extensions. However, there is nothing wrong with asking for assistance if you are struggling, or have questions about the eyelash extensions.

It is exciting to get your eyelash extensions for the first time. However, if you didn’t do research about caring for the lashes, you might be worried about doing something wrong. With these tips and guides, you will know exactly what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to your lashes. And, this will ensure that you are getting the most out of your lashes and that they will last for months. But you also need to remember how to care for them correctly so that you can enjoy them for longer.