Going From Brunette to Blonde

From brunette to blonde without the damage

You are looking at the blonds and you are admiring them. Having blonde hair that is shining and beautiful. You are a brunette and always dreaming about becoming a blonde.

If you think that this isn’t possible, then you need to think again. You can go from brunette to blonde. And, you can do it without damaging your hair too much. The only thing that you need to remember is that there will be some damage, but with the right care, the damage will be limited, especially if you are to the best salon for blonde hair Rustenburg.

Can you really go from brunette to blonde hair without too much damage?

When you talk to your friends that bleached their hair, you might hear that they got hair damage and that they won’t recommend it to you. Especially if you are going from brunette to blonde. So, the question that you might be asking is if you really can go from brunette to blonde without too much damage?

The good news is that this is possible. You can become a blonde if your natural hair colour is brown. However, you will need to know a couple of things, before we can say that you can do it without the damage. There are some special cares that you need to know about to ensure that you are bleaching your hair without getting hair damage.


It will take more than one session to go from brunette to blonde

Something else to know. It will take more than one session to go from brunette to blonde hair. Especially if you are considering light blonde. The lighter you want to become, the more bleach sessions it will be. And, it can’t be done all in one day.

The sessions will be at least every two weeks, with hair treatments in-between. To make sure that you don’t damage your hair with too much bleaching. The products that you should use, should come from beauty salons Rustenburg to make sure that you get quality products for the bleach and treatment sessions.

You just need to remember one thing. The more bleach sessions you are undertaking, the higher the chance to damage your hair. If you have dark brown hair, you might want to consider not going all-white with the blonde, but to rather go to a dark-blonde first.

Doing it yourself or going to a salon?

Should you do the bleaching yourself at home, or should you rather go to one of the best salons for blond hair care? Going to a salon is going to be expensive, especially if you are considering the many sessions that you need to undertake to go from brunette to blonde.

Doing it yourself is possible, but you will have an extensive amount of damage done to your hair. You might be buying the cheaper products and not use the right conditioning treatments as well. The best thing that you can do for yourself and your hair is to go to a beauty salon. Make sure that your hair is bleached professionally, with professional products and the right conditioning treatments. The damage to your hair will be a lot less when you are doing it at a salon rather than doing it cheap at home.


Hair treatments between sessions are essential

We keep on talking about conditioning and hair treatment between sessions. This is something essential that you need to do to ensure that you aren’t damaging your hair with the bleach to go from brunette to blonde.

These are special treatments that you are adding to your hair to ensure that chemical damage and burns are prevented. You can buy these treatment products at supermarkets or beauty salons. The higher the quality of the product, the less damage you will have when you bleach your hair. This is the key to having bleached hair without getting any damage. The treatments that you are adding to your hair afterward and in-between treatments.

The importance of toning

The moment that you are done with the bleaching sessions, and you have reached your preferred blonde shade, there is one thing that you still need to do. Toning. Toning is essential to make sure that your hair isn’t turning yellow over time. Toning is a treatment that ensures that your hair looks natural blonde and you can do this at home.

This is actually just a shampoo and conditioner that is purple that you are washing and treating your hair with. But, you can also get it done at a salon after each session as well, to ensure that your hair is looking blonde and not yellow and dull.

Many people don’t know about toning, and they don’t understand why their bleached blonde hair is turning out yellow after a couple of washes. Toning is one of the essential blonde treatments that blonds can’t go without.


Root touch-ups will need to be done every four to six weeks

Once you have reached your preferred blonde shade, you aren’t done with bleaching. Every four to six weeks, you will need to bleach your roots again. The hair that is growing from the roots is your natural colour. In this case, brunette.

You need to know that having blonde hair from being brunette is an ongoing process. From bleaching roots, conditioning treatments, and toning. Without these, your hair will not stay blonde and you will not have the blonde hair you were dreaming about.

Going from brunette to blonde is possible. Limiting the damage to the hair is also possible. But, then you need to know exactly how to bleach your hair correctly. Or, you should rather visit a beauty salon Rustenburg to get your bleaching done. With this guide, we are telling you the truth. Everything there is about going from brunette to blonde without the damage. That it is possible, with the right care and patients. And, if it’s possible, you should rather consider a salon than doing it with home kits at home. You want to get the least amount of damage when you go from brunette to blonde.