Sun Bed

We offer STATE OF THE ART Stand Up Tan

We pride ourselves in offering the ULTIMATE TANNING EXPERIENCE by keeping up to par with servicing our beds.

*We DO take bookings for tan can / sunbed sessions.

*One can just pop in for a 10 minute session.

*NO more than ONE SESSION per person per day is permitted

*No Sharing of Sessions is permitted    

*When starting out we recommend 2 to 3 sessions a week MINUMUM, to build colour.

*We are a PREMIUM supervised tanning studio, educating our clients to TAN properly and safely.


10 Sessions: 10 Min R470

5 sessions: 10 Min R280

Single Session: 10 Min R60

We highly recommend that one should use a TANNING ACCELERATING LOTION to give the melanin in the skin an extra boost.

*The lotions are to be applied BEFORE going into the tan can/sunbed.

*They are used to SPEED UP the tanning process as well as PROLONG the tan.

*They are SPECIFICALLY designed for UV Light (sunbed or tan can) tanning.

*They contain the correct levels of moisture and ingredients for UV light tanning.

*We sell the lotions in sachets AND Bottles. We supply a towel, sunscreen, deodorant and goggles in each sunbed booth/room.

The tanning lotions PRICE:

*Sachets R100 or R150

*Bottles Range Between R499 and R1800

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